Mikrobiom: Studien und Publikationen

Wir stellen eine Übersicht der wichtigsten Studien und aktuellen Publikationen zum Thema Mikrobiom im Kontext unserer Gesundheit zusammen.

The effect of a probiotic strain in women with vaginal dysbiosis.

Lactobacilli with probiotic features play an essential role in maintaining a balanced vaginal microbiota and their administration has been suggested for the treatment and prevention of vaginal dysbiosis. A specific...

Human skin microbiome.

Functioning as the exterior interface of the human body with the environment, skin acts as a physical barrier to prevent the invasion of foreign pathogens while providing a home to the commensal...

Gut-skin axis observed through the lenses of therapeutics and skin diseases.

The human intestine hosts diverse microbial communities that play a significant role in maintaining gut-skin homeostasis. When the relationship between gut microbiome and the immune system is impaired, subsequent effects can be...