Mikrobiom: Studien und Publikationen

Wir stellen eine Übersicht der wichtigsten Studien und aktuellen Publikationen zum Thema Mikrobiom im Kontext unserer Gesundheit zusammen.

The gut microbiome in coronary artery disease and heart failure: Current knowledge and future directions.

Host-microbiota interactions involving inflammatory and metabolic pathways have been linked to the pathogenesis of multiple immune-mediated diseases and metabolic conditions like diabetes and obesity. Accumulating evidence suggests that alterations in the gut...

The Gut Microbiota in Cardiovascular Disease and Its Therapeutic Regulation.

In the last two decades, considerable interest has been shown in understanding the development of the gut microbiota and its internal and external effects on the intestine, as well as the risk...

Recent advances in modulation of cardiovascular diseases by the gut microbiota.

The gut microbiota has recently gained attention due to its association with cardiovascular health, cancers, gastrointestinal disorders, and non-communicable diseases. One critical question is how the composition of the microbiota contributes to...