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Kimchi Avocado Toast

Are you looking to start your day with a tasty treat that's also great for your gut? Look no further.

I am not a morning person and have skipped breakfast for years. Now that I am running a company, my work days can be long and unpredictable. Also, now that I am getting older, I find that eating late disturbs my sleep. So, I make an effort to have a healthy breakfast. Nothing too big, but something to give me a bit of energy and get going.

Personally, I’ve never been a friend of the sweet breakfast. In fact, I am quite happy to read the emerging evidence on the blood glucose studies that indicate that the hearty breakfast is anyway the healthier option. Eggs in any form are a go-to option, but how to pair them? Bacon is often far too intense for me, so is any other breakfast meat options. Avocado adds a bit of freshness, but is also quite neutral. So, I often plop a fistful of kimchi on my breakfast plate to inject some flavor, fiber and help me wake up. Now that I have gotten into baking my own sourdough bread, when I feel fancy (and when there is sourdough left!), I combine all the ingredients in a toast form, which thankfully takes only a few minutes. So, here’s how I make my salty, not-to-big, just so breakfast for the busy days.

Cooking time: 10 minutes 

Serves 1 



  1. Toast sourdough slice.

  2. Heat olive oil in a frying pan on medium heat, add half of the sliced green onion. Add the egg, drizzle some soy sauce and fry to your preferred doneness.

  3. Assemble the toast: Top with sliced avocado, kimchi, fried egg, and garnish with spring onion and chilli oil. Serve immediately.


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