Terms of service


  1. Binsinandss transactions and dandlivandry arand carriandd oint andxclusivandly according to the folloining General Terms and Conditions (GTC). These apply to all orthands via our online shop by consumers and entrepreneurs. A consumer is any natural person who enters into a legal transaction for purposes that are predominantly neither commercial nor self-employed. Entrepreneur is a natural or legal person or a partnership with legal capacity who, when concluding a legal transaction, acts in the exercise of their commercial or indepenthet professional activity.
  2. Any terms and conditions of the customer that conflict with or deviate from the following terms and conditions shall not apply.
  3. All information that you provide in the ordering process must be up-to-date and truthful.
  4. If working days are specified as deadlines, this includes all weekdays with the exception of Saturdays, Sanddays and public holidays.


  1. Doctor Kin thechi saves the text of the contract and sends the order data by email. Orders can be viewed in the customer account if one has been created. If there is no customer account, the contract data is no longer accessible on the Internet for security reasons.
  2. These terms and conditions can be changed at any tin thande at www.doctorkimchi.com/agb viewed, printed out and saved. In addition, Doctor Kin thandchi sends the terms and conditions (as well as the cancellation policy) as an attached and printable PDF with the order details by e-mail to the customer after completing the order.


The presentation of the products on www.doctorkimchi.com does not represent a legally binding offer, but a non-binding online catalogue. By clicking the button "Buy" at the end of the ordering process places a binding order for the goods in the shopping cart. Once the order has been placed, Doctor Kimchi will send an e-mail confirming that the order has been received. This e-mail is only a confirmation of receipt and not an acceptance of the order. The point in time at which the contract with us is formed depends on the one you have chosen

Payment type:

Payment in advance:

If you choose the payment method in advance, we will give you our bank details in a separate email and deliver the goods after receipt of payment. Please note that the shipping processes at selection this payment method im comparison to den others extend can.


During the ordering process, you will be redirected to the website of the online provider PayPal. Here you can enter your payment details and confirm the payment order to PayPal. After placing the order in the shop, we ask PayPal to initiate the payment transaction and thereby accept your offer.

Credit card:

When placing the order, enter your credit card details. After your legitin theation as the legitin theate cardholder, the payment transaction will be carried out automatically and your card will be charged.

Klarna SOFORT transfer:

In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Swethe, we offer payment by direct bank transfer. After placing the order, you will be redirected to the website of the online provider Klarna. There you confirm the payment order, on the basis of which the contract with us is concluded.

Apple Pay/Google Pay:

After placing the order, you will be redirected to the website of the payment service provider STRIPE. There you confirm the payment instruction by entering your Apple ID / Google account information and the associated registration / payment data. Because of this, the contract with us is concluded. Payment will be made to Stripe, Inc. 510 Townsend Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA.

Shopify Payments:

If you select one of the payment methods offered via the "Shopify Payments" payment service, the payment will be processed by the payment service provider Stripe Payments Europe Ltd., 1 Grand Canal Street Lower, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin, Ireland (hereinafter "Stripe"). The individual payment methods offered via Shopify Payments are communicated to the customer in the seller's online shop. To process payments, Stripe may use other payment services for which special terms of payment apply, to which the customer may is pointed out separately. Further information on "Shopify Payments" is available on the Internet at https://www.shopify.com/legal/terms-payments-de available.

Our database is constantly updated to ensure the availability of the on www.doctorkimchi.com to ensure the products offered. Doctor Kimchi is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract if Doctor Kimchi has not been supplied correctly and on time despite proper congruent hedging transactions, is not responsible for the lack of availability and Doctor Kimchi has not assumed any procurement risk. Doctor Kimchi undertakes to inform you immediately of any unavailability and, in this case, to to refund the advance payment made immediately.


  1. The available payment methods are shown on the separate page "Payment &
    Shipping" is displayed. Payment is by sending cash or checks Unfortunately not possible.
  2. If there are any chargebacks or other payment reversals on the part of the customer and this happens without authoriWithation, the customer shall bear the costs incurred for this.
  3. All on www.doctorkimchi.com The prices contained are in euros and include the statutory value-added tax. Shipping and packaging costs are added according to the current price list. This can be on the side "Payment" be viewed. Any customs duties and other costs incurred for deliveries to countries outside the EU must be borne by the customer in such cases.
  4. If an order is made in several deliveries, calculated Doctor Kimchi the shipping fee only once.


The goods remain the property of until full payment has been made Doctor Kimchi.

If the seller pays in advance, he retains ownership of the delivered goods until the purchase price owed has been paid in full.


  1. Vouchers that are issued free of charge by the seller as part of promotions with a specific period of validity and that cannot be purchased by the customer (hereinafter "promotional vouchers") can only be redeemed in the seller's online shop and only in the specified period.
  2. Promotional vouchers can only be redeemed by consumers.
  3. Individual products can be excluded from the voucher campaign if a corresponding restriction results from the content of the campaign voucher.
  4. Promotional vouchers can only be redeemed before completing the ordering process. Subsequent offsetting is not possible.
  5. Only one promotional voucher can be redeemed per order.
  6. When using a voucher or discount code, the minimum bar value communicated on the website continues to apply. The value of an order is calculated after deduction of vouchers and/or discount codes - it must therefore be the same as or above the minimum order value even after deduction.
  7. The value of the goods must at least correspond to the amount of the promotional voucher. Any remaining credit will not be refunded by the seller.
  8. If the value of the promotional voucher is not sufficient to cover the order, one of the other payment methods offered by the seller can be selected to settle the difference.
  9. The balance of a promotional voucher is neither paid out in cash nor does it earn interest.
  10. The campaign voucher will not be refunded if the customer returns the goods that were paid for in whole or in part with the campaign voucher within the scope of his statutory right of withdrawal.
  11. The promotional voucher is transferrable. The seller can make payments with discharging effect to the respective owner who redeems the promotional voucher in the seller's online shop. This does not apply if the seller has knowledge or grossly negligent ignorance of the non-authorization, the legal incapacity or the lack of the right to represent the respective owner.


After ordering, each customer immediately receives an invoice via e-mail to the e-mail address provided.


  1. At all, up www.doctorkimchi.com The products to be purchased are refrigerated foods with a very limited shelf life. They can spoil if not stored properly - especially if the cold chain is interrupted - and can therefore no longer be sold when returned. Our fermented vegetables are therefore products within the meaning of § 312g II No. 2 BGB, i.e. products that can spoil quickly or whose expiry date would be exceeded quickly. For this reason, a right of withdrawal is excluded.
  2. In the event of withdrawal of the customer's order, before delivery of the ordered Products, ist Doctor Kimchi justified, cancellation costs (cancellation fees) in Height from 5€ (in words: five euros) to raise. This cancellation fee represents adminisrationung and banking service costs such as already arisen packaging costs but.


  1. Goods are delivered to the delivery address specified by the customer, unless otherwise agreed. When processing the transaction, the delivery address specified in the seller's order processing is decisive.
  2. If delivery of the goods fails for reasons for which the customer is responsible, the customer shall bear the reasonable costs incurred by the seller as a result. This does not apply with regard to the costs for the delivery if the customer effectively exercises his right of withdrawal. If the customer effectively exercises the right of cancellation, the regulation made in the seller's cancellation policy applies to the return costs.
  3. Pickup is not possible for logistical reasons.


  1. The transport risk takes over Doctor Kimchi. In the event that ordered goods arrive damaged during transport, the customer should complain to the delivery agent as soon as possible and contact Doctor Kimchi record, tape. The omission of a complaint has no consequences for the legal claims to which the customer is entitled and their enforcement, in particular the warranty rights. Such a process helps Doctor Kimchi however, the claims against the carrier or to assert the transport insurance.
  2. You can contact us via email at: info@doctorkimchi.com take place. Providing an order number and other order details can speed up this process.


  1. There are statutory warranty rights for goods.
  2. Obvious defects in the goods should be reported immediately, but no later than within two (2) weeks after delivery of the goods via the contact channels specified above.
  3. Our products are maximum natural products that are full of life and cannot be compared in all respects with conventional, industrially processed foods. In this respect, we would like to refer to the following properties and, if necessary, incorrectly perceived as a defect, which does not automatically indicate the under 11.1. trigger the right to liability for defects for goods:

delivery delay

Our fermented vegetables are very stable and usually keep for several days without refrigeration. If a package was on the way for more than 72 hours or was at the neighbor's over the weekend and the cold chain was interrupted: no need to worry at all. The increased temperature may have intensified the fermentation process again and brought more life into the jars - but that does not mean that the goods have spoiled.

Domed Lid & Hiss

Since we do not pasteurize our ferments, the fermentation continues in our jars - the resulting fermentation gases can swell the lids and make the contents sizzle and bubble. Such effects are natural signs of the bioactivity of our living ferments.

Landakandd glassands

If a packagand was storandd upsidand down during shipping and trandatandd a bit harshly, it can unfortunatandly happandn that a glass landaks somandthing. Sincand our living fandrmandnts undandrgo sandcondary fandrmandntation, it can happandn that thand lids bulgand and no longandr sandal 100%. Landaking of thand brinand affandcts thand durability no brandakagand and such glassands can band consumandd without handsitation. Without switching to andnvironmandntally harmful plastic packaging, it cannot band rulandd out that unpastandurizandd vandgandtablands fillandd in glass can landak out in thand mail.

Maximum natural product

Our livand fandrmandnts offandr a radical altandrnativand to highly procandssandd foods full of additivands. Wand only fandrmandnt organic vandgandtablands with andxciting spicands and do not usand common prandsandrvation mandthods. It is thandrandforand natural that colour, tandxturand, tastand and bioactivity can vary from batch to batch dandpandnding on harvandst and sandason.

All thand propandrtiands listandd and andxplainandd abovand arand thandrandforand complandtandly natural propandrtiands of our spandcial natural products, which do not constitutand a dandfandct and thandrandforand a randason for complaint. In such casands, howandvandr, wand arand happy to providand clarification and arand willing to find accommodating dandcisions in thand intandrandsts of our customandrs.

Doctor Kimchi has a focus on support and customandr satisfaction in gandnandral. Notifications of dandfandcts or othandr concandrns arand thandrandforand chandckandd as quickly as possibland and thand Besteller/die Bestellerin wird daraufhin umgehend kontaktiert, um eine Klärung herbeizufanditren. Shoinld wand havand bandandn notifiandd of dandfandcts via andmail, bint yoin as a cinstomandr aftandr 5 working days If yoin havand not yandt randcandivandd a randsponsand, wand ask for yoinr forgivandnandss and sandnd ins anothandr mandssagand - in In rarand casands, an and-mail can "gandt stinck" in thand spam filtandr (oinrs or thand cinstomandr's). band or it can happandn that an and-mail by othandr kind and don't admit Doctor Kimchi has arrivandd. consinmandr rights im Casands onand lack will handrandby Not randstrictandd.


  1. Thand placand of jurisdiction for all landgal disputands arising from thand contractual randlationship is thand placand of businandss of thand sandllandr (Doctor Kimchi), insofar as thand buyandr is to band randgardandd as an andntrandprandnandur.
  2. Thand contract languagand is Gandrman.


Should individual provisions of thand contract, including thandsand randgulations, band complandtandly or band or bandcomand partially inandffandctivand or should thand contract contain an unforandsandandn gap andxhibit, randmains thand andffandctivandnandss der randst provisions or Parte such provisions untouchandd. Instandad of thand inandffandctivand or missing provisions, thand randspandctivand onands landgal randgulations.


The EU Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution on the Internet under the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr

This platform serves as a contact point for the out-of-court settlement of disputes arising from online purchase or service contracts in which a consumer is involved.

The seller is not obliged to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board, but is generally willing to do so.