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Get to know and enjoy kimchi

What is kimchi?

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish made from pickled vegetables. There are over 60 varieties of kimchi in Korea, including hot, mild and even sweet varieties. Our kimchi is based on a traditional recipe and is made from Chinese cabbage, winter radish, carrots, ginger, garlic, green onions and chili. It is naturally gluten and fat free, and our recipe is completely free of additives and sugar.

Why is it good to eat kimchi?

Kimchi is rich in fiber and bacteria with probiotic properties. Our kimchi is also free of added sugar, fat or any artificial ingredients.
The long-term benefits of fiber, prebiotics and probiotics for gut flora and microbiome health are well documented in the scientific literature. More about this here: E2E Microbiome Management

How do I eat kimchi?

Check out our recipes!
Kimchi goes well with most savory dishes. Easy options include kimchi with:

  • Side dishes such as rice and noodles

  • Meat and meat substitutes (steaks, fish, sausages)

  • In soups (like ramen) and salads.

  • Of course, enjoy it pure!

Our tip: If you are a fan of a hearty breakfast, we can recommend kimchi with scrambled eggs.

Kimchi can be eaten raw or cooked. Although most healthy bacteria will not survive the heat treatment, the fiber remains.

What is the difference between “aged” and “young” kimchi?

Our aged kimchi is fermented for more than 3 months. As a result, it has developed a deeper and more intense umami flavor as well as a higher number of live bacteria.

The young kimchi has a firm, crunchy texture and tastes more refreshing overall - our recommendation for kimchi beginners!

Why isn't kimchi heat treated?

Most commercially available foods are heat-treated (=pasteurized) to kill pathogens and thereby make the food storable.

Fermented foods are an exception because they do not require heat treatment to kill the pathogens. During the fermentation phase, the “good” bacteria known as probiotics create an acidic environment in which the “bad” pathogens are naturally killed. A win-win situation.

How long does kimchi last?

Fermentation gives food long-term stability and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a year.

How much kimchi can/should I eat?

If you have just discovered fermented foods, start with a tablespoon as a side dish to the main course. The reason: Kimchi contains a lot of fiber and intestinal-friendly bacteria that can stimulate your digestion.

Our kimchi fans say that they usually enjoy a handful (approx. 100 g) or a glass (approx. 300 g) as a snack.

Kimchi is new to me, what should I know?

Kimchi is a fermented product containing live bacteria that matures over months. When you open a jar of kimchi, you'll notice an earthy smell that may remind you of aged cheese. This is completely normal and means that the bacterial cultures are active.

The kimchi may bubble slightly when unpacking. The bubbling occurs because the package was heated and/or shaken during transport and the bacteria have become more active. This is completely fine and the product is still suitable for consumption. Just put your kimchi in the fridge and it will settle down again.

Buy kimchi

Can I buy your kimchi offline?

Currently our products are available primarily through our website. We are working on bringing our products to more retail locations. If there is a store where you would like to see our kimchi, please let us know and we will try to deliver to them:

I would like to order from outside Germany - is that possible?

Yes, we deliver to neighboring EU countries and Switzerland. It usually takes 3-4 days for the order to arrive. For orders with a purchase value of EUR 60 or more, a reduced shipping fee of EUR 8.90 will be charged.

If your country is not yet listed, please contact

When does my order arrive?

Within Germany it usually takes 2-3 days for the order to arrive. We ship Monday to Wednesday to ensure that the kimchi doesn't get left in the mail over the weekend. Orders placed Thursday through Sunday will be shipped on Monday. As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number.

B2B and partnerships

What are the options for companies?

We have a range of special B2B offers including Kimchi Fridge, tastings and gut health workshops. Find out more on our Services page.


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